Roman J. Israel, Esq.  

Die Wahrheit und nichts als die Wahrheit

Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017)

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Roman J. Israel, Esq. Movie Overview

Innerhalb des überlasteten Gerichtsapparts von Los Angeles sieht sich der idealistische Pflichtverteidiger Roman Israel (Denzel Washington) mit einer Reihe außergewöhnlicher Ereignisse konfrontiert, die sein Leben auf den Kopf stellen. Als sein Mentor stirbt, wird er von einem Unternehmen angestellt, das der ambitionierte Anwalt George Pierce (Colin Farrell) leitet, ein ehemaliger Student ebenjenes Mentors. Über Umwege lernt Roman die Gleichberechtigungsaktivistin Maya Alston (Carmen Ejogo) kennen, doch nach und nach rückt der Aktivismus, der bislang auch ein wichtiger Teil seines Lebens war, für ihn immer mehr in den Hintergrund...

Der Regisseur: Dan Gilroy
Der Autor: Dan Gilroy

Erwartungsdatum: 2017-11-10
Status: Released
Run time: 129 min / 2:9
Budget: $22,000,000
Revenue: $11,942,780
Production Companies : Culture China - Image Nation Abu Dhabi Fund, Cross Creek Pictures, Bron Studios
Production Country: United States of America
Erwartungsdatum: 2017-11-10
Status: Released
Run time: 129 min / 2:9
Budget: $22,000,000
Revenue: $11,942,780

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Denzel Washington
as Roman J. Israel, Esq.
Colin Farrell
as George Pierce
Carmen Ejogo
as Maya Alston
Amanda Warren
as Lynn Jackson
Tony Plana
as Jessie Salinas
Shelley Hennig
as Olivia Reed (George's Asst.)
Joseph David-Jones
as Marcus Jones
DeRon Horton
as Derrell Ellerbee
James Paxton
as Henry
Lynda Gravatt
as Vernita Wells
Hugo Armstrong
as Fritz Molinar
Sam Gilroy
as Connor Novick
Amari Cheatom
as Carter Johnson
Vince Cefalu
as Security Bailiff
Tarina Pouncy
as Hallway Bailiff
Nazneen Contractor
as Melina Nassour
Niles Fitch
as Langston Bailey
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Court Officer Bailiff
Eli Bildner
as Prosecutor Michael Wesley
Robert Prescott
as Hon. Adam W. Hilliard
Sedale Threatt Jr.
as Jeff
Elisa Perry
as Felicity Ellerbee
Andrew Tinpo Lee
as James Lee
Brittany Ishibashi
as Beth
Cynthia Dallas
as Lock-Up Guard
Annie Sertich
as Kate Becker
Esperanza Spalding
as Coalition Activist #1
Jessica Camacho
as Coalition Activist #2
Ajgie Kirkland
as Homeless Man
Franco Vega
as Officer Will Wallace
Lauren Ellen Thompson
as Officer Leslie Hunt
Anthony Traina
as Mugger
Ludwig Manukian
as Armenian Man
Mark Wallace
as Danny Barnes
Kelly Sullivan
as Kathryn
Pej Vahdat
as Abbas
Henry G. Sanders
as Pastor Jack
Claudia de Vasco
as Latino Wife
Carlos E. Campos
as Latino Husband
Lawrence Tanter
as Lakers PA Announcer
Joy Bisco
as ER Nurse (uncredited)
Miles Heizer
as Teenage Driver


Directing Dan Gilroy Director
Writing Dan Gilroy Screenplay
Camera Robert Elswit Director of Photography
Sound James Newton Howard Music
Editing John Gilroy Editor
Production Denzel Washington Producer
Production Jennifer Fox Producer
Production Todd Black Producer

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Die Wahrheit und nichts als die Wahrheit

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Die Wahrheit und nichts als die Wahrheit

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  • It would have been easy for Roman J. Israel Esq., the movie, to transform into a pat legal thriller by the time all the danger seeps in. And to be fair, Dan Gilroy seems to have made his judgment about Roman, who doesn’t seem to notice that his stalwart principles have had a transformative impact on every single person around him.

  • Partly because of economics, partly because of a lack of imagination, Hollywood barely makes character-driven movies anymore. So there is a sense in which “Roman J. Israel, Esq.,” a wildly idiosyncratic drama about a wildly idiosyncratic lawyer, deserves not only critical leniency, but also ...

  • Roman J. Israel, Esq. is a dramatic thriller set in the underbelly of the overburdened Los Angeles criminal court system. Denzel Washington stars as a driven, idealistic defense attorney whose life is upended when a turbulent series of events challenge the activism that has defined his career.

  • Roman J. Israel, Esq., a driven, idealistic defense attorney, finds himself in a tumultuous series of events that lead to a crisis and the necessity for extreme action.

  • Denzel Washington is haunting as an L.A. legal savant out of a '70s time machine. The movie around him intrigues and meanders.

  • Read Matt Goldberg's Roman J. Israel, Esq. review; Dan Gilroy's film stars Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell, Carmen Ejogo, and Sam Gilroy.

  • Denzel Washington and Colin Farrell are wonderful together in this low-key and engrossing moral drama.

  • The actor has a field day with this eccentric attorney, but the movie is more interested in his character than in telling a story

  • Check out Denzel Washington's latest performance in the Roman J Israel Esq trailer, a movie that feels like it's being positioned as an awards contender.

  • Roman J. Israel, Esq. Blu-ray (2017): Starring Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell (I) and Shelley Hennig. An attorney for a big L.A. law firm discovers some unfavorable things about his late partner and decides to right his wrongs.