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Iceman 2 (2018)

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Iceman 2 Movie Overview

Der Regisseur: Raymond Yip Wai-Man

Erwartungsdatum: 2018-05-18
Status: Post Production
Run time: 95 min / 1:35
Erwartungsdatum: 2018-05-18
Status: Post Production
Run time: 95 min / 1:35

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Tags: actionkomödiehistorie iceman2 raymond yip wai-man iceman 2 2018   Iceman 2 German   Iceman 2 Spanish   Iceman 2 French   Iceman 2 Italian   Iceman 2 Georgian   Iceman 2 Dutch   Iceman 2 Russian  


Donnie Yen
as Ying
Baoqiang Wang
as Sao
Huang Sheng-Yi
as May
Simon Yam
Yasuaki Kurata


Writing Mark Wu Writer
Directing Raymond Yip Wai-Man Director
Writing Fung Lam Writer

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  • 5.0/10 Review of Marvel Comics' ICEMAN #2, written by Sina Grace, with art by Edgar Salazar and Ibraim Roberson, that shows some issues with race and centering heterosexuality.

  • Iceman #2 features Bobby Drake saving another young mutant, and this time Kitty Pryde tags along to help. Is the issue good? Iceman #2 Writer: Sina Grace Artist: Alessandro Vitti Publisher: Marvel Comics Comixology/Amazon After the last issue which jumped around a lot checking off various plot concerns, this one is much more concentrated on [...]

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  • One thing that both Iceman and the recently launched Jean Grey comic have in common is that both books put the spotlight on characters who have badly needed it since the start of the All-New X-Men status quo. That's especially true for Bobby Drake. Little has been done with the elder Iceman since he ...

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  • ICEMAN #3 is a character-centric work that breathes new life into the familiar X-Man, who we may never have thought could be so powerful.

  • Click to latest reviews,release date, trailer. Iceman 2 (2018) is an action, comedy movie starring Donnie Yen and Baoqiang Wang. It is directed by Wai Man Yip.

  • Critic Reviews for Iceman. All Critics (5) ... I've honestly been spoiled rotten by The Raid 2. That's what I want my martial arts movies to look like.