Night Wars  

Where dreams turn to deadly nightmares…

Night Wars (1988)

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HorrorScience FictionWar

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Night Wars Movie Overview

Two Vietnam Veterans have realistic nightmares about the war. So real are these nightmares that they start getting injured in them, and bringing things back that they had in the dream. They then buy weapons and go in to try and get one of their friends out that originally died in a POW camp during the Vietnam war. This is made harder by a traitor from the US Military Corps.

Director: David A. Prior

Release Date: 1988-03-01
Status: Released
Run time: 88 min / 1:28
Production Company : Action International Pictures
Production Country: United States of America
Release Date: 1988-03-01
Status: Released
Run time: 88 min / 1:28

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Tags: horrorscience fictionwar nightwars wheredreamsturntodeadlynightmares…united states of america david a. prior night wars 1988   Night Wars German   Night Wars Spanish   Night Wars French   Night Wars Italian   Night Wars Georgian   Night Wars Dutch   Night Wars Russian  


Dan Haggerty
as Dr. Mike Campbell
Brian O'Connor
as Trent Matthews
Cameron Smith
as Jim Lowery
Steve Horton
as McGregor
Chet Hood
as Jhonny
Jill Foor
as Susanne Matthews
Mike Hickam
as Joe
David Ott
as Jack Shane
Kimberley Casey
as Pat
Tim Aguilar
as American Soldier
Troy Fromin
as American Soldier
Sean Holton
as American Soldier
Lisa Reyes
as Couple in Car Dealership
Joseph Long
as Couple In Dealership
Mark Galasso
as American Soldier
Mark Dane
as American Soldier
Jeff Amberg
as American Soldier
Joe Lara
as American Soldier
Ron Johnstone
as American Soldier
Rick Schiff
as American Soldier
Gregory Friedman
as American Soldier
James Blume
as American Soldier
Ace Cruz
as Viet Cong
as Viet Cong
Long Nguyen
as Viet Cong


Directing David A. Prior Director
Writing David A. Prior Story
Writing David A. Prior Writer
Writing Ted Prior Story
Writing William Zipp Story
Production Bruce Lewin Producer
Production Fritz Matthews Producer
Production Bruce Lewin Associate Producer
Production David Winters Executive Producer
Production Marc Winters Executive Producer
Sound Tim James Music
Sound Mark Mancina Music
Sound Steve McClintock Music
Crew Stephen Ashley Blake Cinematography
Editing Reinhard Schreiner Editor
Production William Zipp Casting
Art Ted Prior Art Direction
Crew Chuck Whitton Special Effects
Crew Ace Cruz Stunts
Crew Sean Holton Stunts
Crew Bob Ivy Stunt Coordinator

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Where dreams turn to deadly nightmares…

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Where dreams turn to deadly nightmares…

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