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Force 10 from Navarone (1978)

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Force 10 from Navarone Movie Overview

Mallory and Miller are back. The survivors of Navarone are sent on a mission along with a unit called Force 10, which is led by Colonel Barnsby. But Force 10 has a mission of their own which the boys know nothing about.

Director: Guy Hamilton
Writer: Robin Chapman

Release Date: 1978-11-01
Status: Released
Run time: 118 min / 1:58
Budget: $5,000,000
Revenue: $7,230,000
Production Company : Columbia Pictures
Production Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 1978-11-01
Status: Released
Run time: 118 min / 1:58
Budget: $5,000,000
Revenue: $7,230,000

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Harrison Ford
as Lieutenant Colonel Barnsby
Robert Shaw
as Maj. Keith Mallory
Barbara Bach
as Maritza Petrovich
Edward Fox
as Miller
Franco Nero
as Lescovar
Carl Weathers
as Weaver
Richard Kiel
as Drazak
Alan Badel
as Petrovitch
Michael Byrne
as Schroeder
Philip Latham
as Jensen
Angus MacInnes
as Reynolds
Michael Sheard
as Sgt. Bauer
Petar Buntić
as Marko


Directing Guy Hamilton Director
Writing Robin Chapman Screenplay
Writing Alistair MacLean Novel

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  • Force 10 from Navarone is a World War II novel by Scottish author Alistair MacLean.First published in 1968 with a cover by Norman Weaver, it serves as a sequel to MacLean's 1957 The Guns of Navarone, but follows the events of the 1961 film adaptation of the same name.

  • Not quite as good as the original. This movie feels a little draggy or flat in spots. Maybe this is caused by the anti-climatic feel you get if you are too familiar with "The Guns of Navarone."

  • Force 10 From Navarone was a sequel to the 1961 blockbuster The Guns of Navarone and tells the tale of ten widely divergent WW II troubleshooters who attempt to blow up a crucial bridge in Yugoslavia.

  • Force 10 from Navarone Blu-ray: Jurgen Andersen, Dicken Ashworth, Barbara Bach, Alan Badel, Michael Byrne, Harrison Ford, Edward Fox, Richard Hampton, Wolf Kahler, Richard Kiel, Philip Latham, Angus MacInnes, Christopher Malcolm, Franco Nero, Edward Peel, Leslie Schofield, Michael Sheard, Carl Weathers, Robert Shaw, Paul Humpoletz ...

  • Wow - I used to think "Guns Of Navarone" was a try-hard, almost-there type of near-classic war film that had muffled sound, used a bad coloring process, was poorly lit, was limited by budget and the technology of the time.

  • The Guns of Navarone is a 1957 novel about the Second World War by Scottish writer Alistair MacLean that was made into the film The Guns of Navarone in 1961. The Greek island of Navarone does not exist and the plot is fictitious; however, the story takes place within the real historical context of the Dodecanese Campaign, the Allies' campaign ...

  • This spectacular World War II epic finds 2,000 trapped soldiers on a Greek island by Nazi invaders. Their only hope of escape is by boat. A small party led by Mallory (Gregory Peck) must make it by the radar station and immense firepower at Navarone.

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  • Trivia Almost all the on-board scenes were filmed on the U.S.S. Lexington. Lexington was an Essex-class "fast carrier" commissioned in February, 1943.