The Black Hole  

No force from this world can stop it!

The Black Hole (2006)

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The Black Hole Movie Overview

It's 2 A.M. in St. Louis when a routine scientific experiment goes terribly wrong and an explosion shakes the city. A scientific team investigates, clashing with an intergalactic, voltage-devouring creature that vaporizes them.

Director: Tibor Takács
Writer: David Goodin

Release Date: 2006-06-10
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Budget: $3,500,000
Production Companies : Active Entertainment, Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH & Co. KG III, Millennium Films
Production Countries: Germany, United States of America
Release Date: 2006-06-10
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Budget: $3,500,000

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Kristy Swanson
as Shannon Muir
Judd Nelson
as Eric Bryce
David Selby
as Ryker
Christa Campbell
as Advisor Coldwell
Daniel Buran
as Kent
Heather Dawn Rally
as Alicia
Jennifer Lyn Quackenbush
as Elizabeth
Julia Sinks
as Kayley
Tim Snay
as Hayes
Chris Nolte
as Hendricks
Robert Giardina
as James
James Anthony
as Tolland


Directing Tibor Takács Director
Writing Kenneth M. Badish Story
Writing Boaz Davidson Story
Camera David Worth Director of Photography
Sound John Dickson Music
Production Boaz Davidson Producer
Production Kenneth M. Badish Producer
Editing Ellen Fine Editor
Art Yuda Acco Production Design
Art Cat Cacciatore Art Direction
Costume & Make-Up Laura Darner Costume Design
Sound Aran Tanchum Sound Editor
Visual Effects Willie Botha Special Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Stanislav Dragiev Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Kiril Georgiev Visual Effects Coordinator
Crew Tom Lowell Stunt Coordinator
Sound Ashley Waldron Music Supervisor
Writing David Goodin Screenplay

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No force from this world can stop it!

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No force from this world can stop it!

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