Sansho the Bailiff  

A film of unparalleled beauty by the great Japanese Master Kenji Mizoguchi

Sansho the Bailiff (1954)

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Sansho the Bailiff Movie Overview

In medieval Japan a compassionate governor is sent into exile. His wife and children try to join him, but are separated, and the children grow up amid suffering and oppression.

Director: Kenji Mizoguchi

Release Date: 1954-03-31
Status: Released
Run time: 124 min / 2:4
Production Company : Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Production Country: Japan
Release Date: 1954-03-31
Status: Released
Run time: 124 min / 2:4

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Kinuyo Tanaka
as Tamaki
Yoshiaki Hanayagi
as Zushiô
Kyôko Kagawa
as Anju
Eitarô Shindô
as Sanshô dayû
Akitake Kôno
as Taro
Masao Shimizu
as Masauji Taira
Ken Mitsuda
as Prime Minister Fujiwara
Kazukimi Okuni
as Norimura
Yôko Kozono
as Kohagi
Noriko Tachibana
as Namiji
Ichirô Sugai
as Minister of Justice
Teruko Omi
as Nakagimi
Chieko Naniwa
as Ubatake
Kikue Môri
as Priestess
Ryôsuke Kagawa
as Ritsushi Kumotake
Kanji Koshiba
as Kaikudo Naito
Shinobu Araki
as Sadaya
Reiko Kongo
as Shiono
Shôzô Nanbu
as Masasue Taira
Ryônosuke Azuma
as Landlord
Sumao Ishihara
as Yakko
Yukio Horikita
as Jiro
Jun Fujikawa
as Kanamaru
Soji Shibata
as Sado man
Akira Shimizu
as Slave Trader
Midori Komatsu
as Harbour's lady
Tokio Oki
as Harbour's man
Akira Shiga
as Farmer #2
Saburo Date
as Kimpei


Directing Kenji Mizoguchi Director
Writing Ogai Mori Story
Writing Fuji Yahiro Writer
Writing Yoshikata Yoda Writer
Production Masaichi Nagata Producer
Sound Fumio Hayasaka Original Music Composer
Sound Tamekichi Mochizuki Original Music Composer
Sound Kanahichi Odera Original Music Composer
Editing Mitsuzô Miyata Editor
Art Hisakazu Tsuji Production Design
Art Kisaku Ito Art Direction
Directing Tokuzô Tanaka Assistant Director
Art Akira Naitô Assistant Art Director
Lighting Kenichi Okamoto Gaffer
Camera Shôzô Tanaka Camera Operator
Camera Kazuo Miyagawa Director of Photography
Costume & Make-Up Shima Yoshizane Costume Design
Sound Iwao Ôtani Sound Designer

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A film of unparalleled beauty by the great Japanese Master Kenji Mizoguchi

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A film of unparalleled beauty by the great Japanese Master Kenji Mizoguchi

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  • I had heard about "Sansho the Bailiff" for years and I must say that I was not prepared for what I saw when I watched it today. This is a masterfully told story that leaves us wishing that the story had a different ending.

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