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The Snail (1971)

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A musical, semi-documentary motion picture considering the making of "Shablul", a rock album by Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch. The film demonstrates fragments of being, a few funny sketches and musical numbers, much affected by The Beatles' flicks. "Shablul" reminds its viewers the taste of 60s, showing them the Israeli pop/rock scene of these jolly years.

Director: Boaz Davidson

Release Date: 1971-01-02
Status: Released
Run time: 80 min / 1:20
Release Date: 1971-01-02
Status: Released
Run time: 80 min / 1:20

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Arik Einstein
as Himself
Shalom Hanoch
as Himself
Yehudit Sula
as Herself
Tzvi Shissel
as Himself
Alona Einstein
as Herself
Josie Katz
as Herself
Uri Zohar
as Judo Instructor
Mordechai Arnon
as Pupik
Ze'ev Revach
as Einstein's Agent


Directing Boaz Davidson Director
Writing Boaz Davidson Writer

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