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The Whale (2013)

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Dramatic retelling of the fateful last voyage of the Nantucket whaleship Essex. When the Essex is attacked and sunk by a sperm whale in November 1820, her crew take to three fragile whalers. Alone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the men must decide whether to head for the nearest islands - a thousand miles downwind to the west - or set out on an epic journey of almost three thousand miles to reach the South American mainland. Fear of cannibals forces them to choose South America. Almost three months later, the first whaler is rescued by another whaleship. Only three men are still alive. A week later the captain's whaler is also rescued, with just two men aboard. The third whaler is never found. This is a story of human endurance and what men in extremis will do to survive.

Director: Alrick Riley

Release Date: 2013-12-22
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Production Company : BBC Factual Productions
Production Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 2013-12-22
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30

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Tags: dramahistory thewhale united kingdom alrick riley the whale 2013   The Whale German   The Whale Spanish   The Whale French   The Whale Italian   The Whale Georgian   The Whale Dutch   The Whale Russian  


Martin Sheen
as Tom Nickerson
Jonas Armstrong
as Owen Chase
Paul Kaye
as Matthew Joy
Adam Rayner
as Captain George Pollard
Jassa Ahluwalia
as Owen Coffin
John Boyega
as William Bond
David Gyasi
as Richard Peterson
Ferdinand Kingsley
as Obed Hendricks
Jolyon Coy
as Benjamin Lawrence
Chris Starkie
as Watson


Directing Alrick Riley Director

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