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An Age of Kings (1960)

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An Age of Kings Movie Overview

Adaptations of the eight sequential history plays of William Shakespeare (Richard II, Henry IV: Part 1 & 2, Henry V, Henry VI: Parts 1, 2, & 3 and Richard III).

Director: Michael Hayes

Release Date: 1960-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 960 min / 16:0
Production Company : British Broadcasting Corporation
Production Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 1960-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 960 min / 16:0

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David William
as Richard II
Tom Fleming
as Henry IV
Robert Hardy
as Henry V
Sean Connery
as Hotspur
Paul Daneman
as Richard III
Edgar Wreford
as John of Gaunt
Frank Pettingell
as Falstaff
Judi Dench
as Katherine
Eileen Atkins
as Joan la Pucelle
Jack May
as Duke of York
Julian Glover
as Edward IV
Terry Scully
as Henry VI
Mary Morris
as Margerate


Directing Michael Hayes Director
Writing William Shakespeare Writer

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