Hot Blood  

Hot Blood (1977)

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Hot Blood Movie Overview

Chow Yun Fat plays a police inspector named Cheng who is killed in the line of duty while trying to nab a crook. One of his close friends, Chang Lei (Cheung Lui), decides to take back his resignation letter and track down the crook at any cost.

Director: Yang Chuan
Writers: Yang Chuan, Li-jen Liang.

Release Date: 1977-09-23
Status: Released
Production Company : Goldig Films (H.K.) Ltd.
Production Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 1977-09-23
Status: Released

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Production Alex Gouw Producer
Production Hendrick Gozali Co-Producer
Camera Fan Shou Fu Director of Photography
Editing Fan Kung-Wing Editor
Costume & Make-Up Lai Siu-Wah Makeup Artist
Sound Cheung Wah Sound Recordist
Sound Ku Shen Lin Sound Effects
Sound Frankie Chan Fan-Kei Original Music Composer
Production Chan King Production Manager
Writing Yang Chuan Screenplay
Writing Li-jen Liang Screenplay
Art So Po Props
Art Leung Wai Art Designer
Directing Lam Yee Hung Assistant Director
Directing Siu-kuen Wan Continuity
Directing Yee San Hon Action Director
Directing Fung Hak-On Action Director
Directing Yang Chuan Director

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