The Wars of the Roses  

The Wars of the Roses (1965)

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The Wars of the Roses Movie Overview

A 1965 BBC adaptation of William Shakespeare's first historical tetralogy (1 Henry VI, 2 Henry VI, 3 Henry VI and Richard III), which deals with the conflict between the House of Lancaster and the House of York over the throne of England, a conflict known as the Wars of the Roses. It was based on the 1963 theatre adaptation by John Barton, and directed by Peter Hall for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Directors: Peter Hall, John Barton, Robin Midgley, Michael Hayes.

Release Date: 1965-04-08
Status: Released
Run time: 485 min / 8:5
Production Company : Royal Shakespeare Company
Production Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 1965-04-08
Status: Released
Run time: 485 min / 8:5

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David Warner
as King Henry VI
Janet Suzman
as Joan la Pucelle
Peggy Ashcroft
as Queen Margaret
Donald Sinden
as Duke of York
Paul Hardwick
as Duke of Gloucester
Roy Dotrice
as King Edward IV
Ian Holm
as King Richard III
Susan Engel
as Queen Elizabeth


Directing Peter Hall Director
Directing John Barton Director
Directing Robin Midgley Director
Directing Michael Hayes Director
Writing John Barton Writer
Writing William Shakespeare Writer

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