The Whistle-Blower  

The Whistle-Blower (2001)

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The Whistle-Blower Movie Overview

A bank employee, Laura Tracey, places herself and her family in mortal danger after reporting irregularities in the firm's overseas accounts to the National Criminal Intelligence Service. She learns that the money belongs to South American drug cartels, and her family are immediately taken into the Witness Protection Program and relocated.

Director: Ben Bolt

Release Date: 2001-04-14
Status: Released
Run time: 160 min / 2:40
Production Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 2001-04-14
Status: Released
Run time: 160 min / 2:40

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Amanda Burton
Bill Paterson
as D.I. Neil Sleightholme
Penelope Wilton
as Heather Graham
Pip Torrens
as Philip Amis
Neil Pearson
as Dominic Tracey
Indira Varma
as Diane Crossman
Virginia McKenna
as Theresa Elliot
Nealson Barry
Robert Bowman
Emma Cunniffe
as Kathy Enfield
Olegar Fedoro
as Ramon Castillo
Charlotte Salt
as Sasha Tracey
Colin McFarlane
as Bobby De Luca
Richard Johnson
as Sir Alastair Montgomery
Zach Grenier
as Louis T. Weitzman
Mark Flitton
as Watcher


Directing Ben Bolt Director

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