A Wrinkle in Time  

A Wrinkle in Time (2003)

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A Wrinkle in Time Movie Overview

Based on a children's series by the same name. Meg and Charles Wallace are aided by Calvin and three interesting women in the search for their father who disappeared during a government experiment. Their travels take them around the universe to a place unlike any other.

Director: John Kent Harrison

Release Date: 2003-04-25
Status: Released
Run time: 128 min / 2:8
Production Company : BLT Productions
Production Country: Canada
Release Date: 2003-04-25
Status: Released
Run time: 128 min / 2:8

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Katie Stuart
as Meg Murry
Gregory Smith
as Calvin O'Keefe
David Dorfman
as Charles Wallace Murry
Chris Potter
as Dr. Jack Murry
Kyle Secor
as The Man With Red Eyes
Sean Cullen
as Happy Medium
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Dr. Dana Murry
Kate Nelligan
as Mrs. Which
Alison Elliott
as Mrs. Who
Alfre Woodard
as Mrs. Whatsit
Munro Chambers
as Sandy Murry
Noel Fisher
as 16 Year Old "IT" Boy


Directing John Kent Harrison Director
Visual Effects Richard Trus Visual Effects
Writing Madeleine L'Engle Novel
Writing Susan Shilliday Teleplay

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  • In the end, A Wrinkle in Time may have been a much better film with a few re-writes and about 20-30 minutes added on in order to expand the world a little more.

  • "A Wrinkle In Time," about three children and three magical beings trying to locate a missing physicist and stop evil from overwhelming the universe, is as dislocated from the current moviegoing moment as its human heroes are from their lives back on earth.

  • “A Wrinkle in Time,” faithful to the affirmative, democratic intelligence of the book, is also committed to serving its most loyal and susceptible audience.

  • There are many important themes in A Wrinkle in Time: the importance of friendship, loyalty and individuality chief among them. This book celebrates kids who are a bit different, it sends positive messages about thinking for yourself and about the bonds of siblings.

  • A Wrinkle in Time is ambitious, hopeful, and brimming with imagination -- a timely rallying cry for everyone who (to paraphrase T’Challa) believes in building bridges, not barriers.

  • Dissapointing. "A Wrinkle in Time" suffers from a lot of flaws. To be honest, I'm surprised the script got passed by the producers. It's weird but the exhibition in this film is either too much or not enough, so I was at either "I get it, move on!" or "Wait, what!? Explain!." The dialogue Dissapointing. "A Wrinkle in Time" suffers from a lot of flaws.

  • A Wrinkle in Time is a rare film for children that doesn't shy away from the difficult realities of life but also shows a way forward to a better world.

  • The actors all seemed to lack chemistry and understanding of the role. The three children just couldn't carry the plot along. It was a disaster around every corner. A Wrinkle in Time could easily be turned into a rated R film in my opinion, the one thing holding it back was the fact that it was kids and Disney.