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No Such Thing (2001)

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No Such Thing Movie Overview

Tells the story of Beatrice (Sarah Polley), a tabloid journalist whose fiancé is killed by a monster in Iceland. She ends up falling in love with the monster in the end. The monster is immortal, but longs to die. Beatrice helps him achieve this by contacting a scientist who can destroy matter painlessly.

Director: Hal Hartley

Release Date: 2001-05-12
Status: Released
Run time: 102 min / 1:42
Production Countries: Iceland, United States of America
Release Date: 2001-05-12
Status: Released
Run time: 102 min / 1:42

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Tags: comedyfantasydrama nosuchthing united states of america hal hartley no such thing 2001   No Such Thing German   No Such Thing Spanish   No Such Thing French   No Such Thing Italian   No Such Thing Georgian   No Such Thing Dutch   No Such Thing Russian  


Sarah Polley
as Beatrice
Robert John Burke
as Monster
Margrét Ákadóttir
as Rental agent
Helen Mirren
as The Boss
Julie Christie
as Dr. Anna
Baltasar Kormákur
as Dr. Artaud
David Neumann
as Agent
James Urbaniak
as Concierge


Directing Hal Hartley Director
Writing Hal Hartley Writer

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  • No Such Thing Critics Consensus. Stocked with talented stars but lacking any clear idea of what to do with them, No Such Thing is ultimately far too uneven to recommend.

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