Love and Pigeons  

Love and Pigeons (1984)

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Love and Pigeons Movie Overview

Shown a life in the remote siberian village. Vasia, who never leave his family, village, comes to pass summer holiday on the Black Sea. New world, new people - so, hi's temted by a half-crazy woman (Raisa Zaharovna). And after short time Vasia returns to his wife and children.

Director: Vladimir Menshov

Release Date: 1984-01-07
Status: Released
Run time: 107 min / 1:47
Production Company : Mosfilm
Production Country: Russia
Release Date: 1984-01-07
Status: Released
Run time: 107 min / 1:47

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Tags: comedyromance loveandpigeons russia vladimir menshov love and pigeons 1984   Love and Pigeons German   Love and Pigeons Spanish   Love and Pigeons French   Love and Pigeons Italian   Love and Pigeons Georgian   Love and Pigeons Dutch   Love and Pigeons Russian  


Aleksandr Mikhaylov
as Vasja
Nina Doroshina
as Nadja
Sergei Yursky
as Dyadya Mitya
Natalya Tenyakova
as Granny Shura
Lyudmila Gurchenko
as Raisa Zakharovna
Yanina Lisovskaya
as Lyuda
Igor Lyakh
as Lyonya
Lada Sizonenko
as Olya
Vladimir Menshov


Directing Vladimir Menshov Director
Writing Vladimir Gurkin Writer

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