Horror Express  

A nightmare of terror travelling aboard the Horror Express!

Horror Express (1972)

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Horror Express Movie Overview

Mysterious and unearthly deaths start to occur while Professor Saxton is transporting the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature he found in Manchuria back to Europe.

Director: Eugenio Martín
Writers: Arnaud d'Usseau, Julian Zimet.

Release Date: 1972-09-30
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Budget: $300,000
Production Companies : Benmar Productions, Granada Films
Production Countries: Spain, United Kingdom
Release Date: 1972-09-30
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Budget: $300,000

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Christopher Lee
as Prof. Sir Alexander Saxton
Peter Cushing
as Dr. Wells
Telly Savalas
as Captain Kazan
Alberto de Mendoza
as Father Pujardov
Silvia Tortosa
as Countess Irina Petrovska
Julio Peña
as Inspector Mirov
Ángel del Pozo
as Yevtushenko
Helga Liné
as Natasha
Alice Reinheart
as Miss Jones
José Jaspe
as Conductor Koniev
George Rigaud
as Count Maryan Petrovski
Víctor Israel
as Luggage Worker
Faith Clift
as American Passenger
Juan Olaguivel
as Creature
Allen Russell
as Captain O'Hagan
José Marco
as Vorkin
José Canalejas
as Russian Guard
Vicente Roca
as Station Master
Hiroshi Kitatawa
as Krasinsky


Directing Eugenio Martín Director
Writing Arnaud d'Usseau Screenplay
Writing Julian Zimet Screenplay
Production Bernard Gordon Producer
Production Gregorio Sacristán Associate Producer
Camera Alejandro Ulloa Director of Photography
Sound John Cacavas Original Music Composer
Editing Robert C. Dearberg Editor
Art Ramiro Gómez Production Design
Art Ramiro Gómez Set Decoration
Production José María Ramos Production Supervisor
Writing Gene Martin Story

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A nightmare of terror travelling aboard the Horror Express!

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A nightmare of terror travelling aboard the Horror Express!

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  • This horror science-fiction thriller, a cult favorite, takes place in 1907. Professor Caxton (Christopher Lee), a fossil-hunter has discovered some sort of pre-human creature frozen in ancient ...

  • Horror Express is a highly enjoyable & likable sci-fi horror film in the best tradition of Hammer horror with a good cast & it has an adventurous story that tries to be different as it mixes religion, horror & sci-fi.

  • This is a review of the Image Entertainment release of Horror Express. This is a great classic monster horror movie that deserves a better transfer than what Image has released.

  • Horror Express falls in the public domain, so over the years it's been treated—like Night of the Living Dead—to numerous shoddy VHS and DVD editions.There was a semi-decent DVD release of the ...

  • HORROR EXPRESS is actually a first-rate thriller, with tons of genuine shocks & scares; enough to frighten the bejeepers out of baby boomers and their offspring for over 30 years. It's a masterful suspense/horror thriller that takes the viewer on one fantastically hellish journey into the weird & unknown.

  • Horror Express is eclectic to say the least. The monster fossil seems inspired by elements of Quatermass and the Pit and Attack of the Crab Monsters . The glowing-eyes and the horde of blind dead attackers are consistent with Spanish horror cinema of the time -- tacky but effective.

  • HORROR EXPRESS is a genre classic that rises above its meager budget, and is as entertaining now as it was in 1972. It has a fantastic cast, a great soundtrack, and is required viewing for fans of both Horror and Science-Fiction cinema.

  • Horror Express is fast-paced action, inventive science fiction, gory thrills, and chilling horror. Indeed it is worth a look! 52 of 62 people found this review helpful.

  • Horror Express (Pánico en el Transiberiano in Spain and also known as Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express), is a 1972 Spanish-British science fiction-horror film, produced by Bernard Gordon and Gregorio Sacristan, directed by Eugenio Martín, that stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, Silvia Tortosa, and Telly Savalas.