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Lost Colony (2015)

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Lost Colony Movie Overview

While navigating life with his hyper-protective mother along the enigmatic Outer Banks of North Carolina's coast (site of the first attempted English settlement in the New World), conflicted teen Loren learns of his expecting girlfriend's ambivalence toward him. After a near tragic accident, he must learn to assemble the broken pieces into a stronger, wiser form and approach a more worldly consciousness. A searchlight cast upon the earliest traces of America and the mystery of settlers vanished, Lost Colony scans a once virgin watershed for signs of life.

Director: Christopher Holmes

Release Date: 2015-04-15
Status: Released
Run time: 84 min / 1:24
Production Country: United States of America
Release Date: 2015-04-15
Status: Released
Run time: 84 min / 1:24

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Joshua Brady
as Loren
Sam Buchanan
as Ramona
Stephanie Renee Morgan
as Patricia (as Stephanie Morgan)
Phillip Ward
as Randy
Bryan Marshall
as Neal
Wayne Crawford
as Farmer Geary
Kenny Hinkle
as Tommy
Sarah Jenkins
as Suzanne
David Joy
as Officer
Juan Piedrahita
as Chavez


Writing Christopher Holmes Writer
Directing Christopher Holmes Director
Editing Christopher Holmes Editor
Production Christopher Holmes Executive Producer
Production Carrie Coon Associate Producer
Production Vince Gonzalez Associate Producer
Production Aaron Schnobrich Executive Producer
Production Adam Tate Producer
Editing Chris Iversen Editor
Editing Ian Johnson Editor
Camera Christopher Schneider Director of Photography

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