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Shoot To Kill (1990)

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Shoot to Kill is a four-hour drama documentary reconstruction of the events that led to the 1984–86 Stalker Inquiry into the shooting of six terrorist suspects in Northern Ireland in 1982 by a specialist unit of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), allegedly without warning (the so-called shoot-to-kill policy); the organised fabrication of false accounts of the events; and the difficulties created for the inquiry team in their investigation.

Director: Peter Kosminsky

Release Date: 1990-06-03
Status: Released
Run time: 240 min / 4:0
Release Date: 1990-06-03
Status: Released
Run time: 240 min / 4:0

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Jack Shepherd
as DCC John Stalker
David Calder
as DCS John Thorburn
Patrick Drury
as Detective Inspector
Daragh O'Malley
as Constable 'Y'
George Shane
as DCI Samuel George Flanagan
Richard Hawley
as Constable John Robinson
T. P. McKenna
as Chief Constable Sir John Harmon
Philip Bretherton
as DI Gaffrey
Barry Birch
as Michael Tighe
Vass Anderson
as Magistrate
Emer McCourt
as E4A Officer
Jane Cunliffe
as DS Eileen Scarrett
Niall Cusack
as Pat Finucane
Fraser Downie
as DCI Jim Smellie
Christopher Dunne
as E4A Officer
Peter Cellier
as MI5 Senior Officer
Colin Carnegie
as Expert
Paul Brennan
as Soldier
Denys Hawthorne
as Professor
James Greene
as DPP
Gerard Horan
as E4A Information Handler
Mark Jordon
as DS Keith Farrington
B.J. Hogg
as E4A Officer
Des McAleer
as CID Supt. Jimmy Richards
Mark Moraghan
as SB Constable
Michael O'Hagan
as Special Branch Superintendent
Tip Tipping
as Jervais McKerr
Nick Stringer
as Kavin Taylor
Kevin Stoney
as Judge Kelly
Michael Simkins
as DI Brian Jackson
David Nicholls
as Training Assistant
Steve Money
as Special Branch Officer
Ian McElhinney
as ACC Trevor Forbes
James Duggan
as Chief Information Officer
George Mooney
as ACC
Peter Vollebregt
as Harmon's Secretary
Hugo Conlon
as Sergeant
Gary Whelan
as Constable David Brannigan
Ray Ashcroft
as Constable Frederick Robinsin
Aaron Harris
as Sergeant 'X'
Dick Holland
as Constable 'Z'
Terry Gilligan
as SSU Officer
Steve Halliwell
as Sgt Quinn
Derek Young
as Constable McCoy
Des Nealon
as RUC Sgt.
Breffni McKenna
as Martin McCauley
Barbara Marten
as Sheila Stalker


Directing Peter Kosminsky Director

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