Burst (2004)

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Burst Movie Overview

A short film about fictional actor Maxwell McCourtney, featuring the cast and crew of 'Enduring Love'.

Director: Olivia Peniston-Bird

Release Date: 2004-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 6 min / 0:6
Production Company : One Day Wonder Films
Production Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 2004-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 6 min / 0:6

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Tags: comedy burst united kingdom olivia peniston-bird burst 2004   Burst German   Burst Spanish   Burst French   Burst Italian   Burst Georgian   Burst Dutch   Burst Russian  


Barrie McCulloch
as Maxwell McCourtney
Sarah Hough
as Balloon Girl 1
Iona Ledwidge
as Balloon Girl 2
as Maxwell's Dog
Susan Lynch
as Maxwell's Fan 1
Roger Michell
as Maxwell's Fan 2
Luke Redgrave
as Maxwell's Fan 3
Paul Mason
as Maxwell's Fan 4
Stacy Crago
as Maxwell's Fan 5
Liam Beatty
as Maxwell's Fan 6
Josh Hyams
as Maxwell's Fan 7
Steve Mills
as Maxwell's Fan 8
Daniel Craig
as Maxwell's Fan 9
Jean-Paul Kelly
as Maxwell's Fan 10
Rhys Ifans
as Maxwell's Fan 11
Rosa Romero
as Maxwell's Fan 12
Michael Babalola
as Maxwell's Fan 13
Katie Bullock-Webster
as Maxwell's Fan 14
Kevin Loader
as Maxwell's Fan 15
as Maxwell's Fan 16
Nicola Dove
as Maxwell's Fan 17
Sally Lowe
as Maxwell's Fan 18
Llewellyn Harrison
as Maxwell's Fan 19
Frank Marshall
as Maxwell's Fan 20
Haris Zambarloukos
as Maxwell's Fan 21
Bill Nighy
as Maxwell's Fan 22
Jonah Coombes
as Maxwell's Fan 23
Katy Pain
as Maxwell's Fan 24
Natalie Ward
as Maxwell's Fan 25
Kate Town
as Maxwell's Fan 26
Stephen Duffy
as Maxwell's Fan 27
Andy Purdy
as Maxwell's Fan 28
Segan Friend
as Maxwell's Fan 29


Directing Olivia Peniston-Bird Director
Writing Olivia Peniston-Bird Writer
Production Katie Bullock-Webster Producer
Art Emma MacDevitt Production Design
Editing Nigel Karikari Editor
Camera Julian White Director of Photography
Camera Simon Baker Director of Photography

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