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From Nowhere (2017)

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Three undocumented teenagers, a Dominican girl, an African boy and a Peruvian girl, are about to graduate high school in the Bronx, while working with a teacher and a lawyer to try to get their papers to stay in the USA. Forced to grow up prematurely and navigate problems most adults don't even have to face, they're really just American teenagers who want to be with their friends, fall in love, and push back against authority.

Director: Matthew Newton

Release Date: 2017-02-17
Status: Released
Run time: 89 min / 1:29
Production Country: United States of America
Release Date: 2017-02-17
Status: Released
Run time: 89 min / 1:29

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Tags: drama fromnowhere united states of america matthew newton from nowhere 2017   From Nowhere German   From Nowhere Spanish   From Nowhere French   From Nowhere Italian   From Nowhere Georgian   From Nowhere Dutch   From Nowhere Russian  


Directing Matthew Newton Director
Writing Matthew Newton Writer
Writing Kate Ballen Writer

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  • From Nowhere is not a visionary work, and I don't think it aims to be; but it sets a coherent agenda from the get-go and manages to make a credible and disquieting narrative out of that.

  • “From Nowhere,” which is about three teenage high-schoolers in the Bronx facing deportation because of their undocumented status, is clearly a movie of that ilk, although given the contemporary mode of socially conscious movies, to advertise itself as such would be unforgivably crass.

  • From Nowhere, a measured but fundamentally sorrowful drama about three undocumented teens applying for asylum, receives an ideally timed release this week, almost a year after its SXSW premiere. Back then, with Clinton an apparent shoo-in, the film was merely perceived as excellent.

  • Arriving in the middle of an election season when debates over U.S. immigration policy have devolved into sloganeering and shouting matches, “From Nowhere” feels all the more urgent and ...

  • From Nowhere consists of mostly medium-distance talking scenes, with the hand-held camera constantly wobbling slightly at the edges. The few would-be dynamic moments include a near-altercation with the cops and a near-attack by an abusive relative.

  • News from Nowhere, a utopian novel by English author, artist, and socialist activist William Morris, was published in 1890. The narrator is an active member of the Socialist League, a British revolutionary group.

  • News From Nowhere is William Morris's response to Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy. Morris simply did not like the idea of state socialism that seemed to form the foundation for Bellamy's idea of a future socialist utopia.

  • The Man From Nowhere is relatively solid throughout and despite its general lack of originality it is an entertaining and gripping film with assured direction and excellent central performances.

  • News from Nowhere and Other Writings has 659 ratings and 52 reviews. J.G. Keely said: There is something I mistrust in a man who hates his own time, who ...

  • The View from Nowhere has 885 ratings and 19 reviews. David said: This slim volume is a long trek through an often inhospitable landscape. I can't say it...