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sign gene, deaf superheroes, sign language,

Sign Gene (2017)

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Science FictionAdventure

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The NYC agent Tom Clerc, deaf and carrier of a powerful gene mutation that enables him to create superpowers through the use of Sign language, is sent to Japan with his colleague to investigate various intriguing crimes committed by Japanese Deaf mutants.

Release Date: 2017-09-14
Status: Released
Run time: 70 min / 1:10
Production Countries: Italy, Japan, United States of America
Release Date: 2017-09-14
Status: Released
Run time: 70 min / 1:10

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Tags: science fictionadventure signgene signgene,deafsuperheroes,signlanguage,united states of america sign gene 2017   Sign Gene German   Sign Gene Spanish   Sign Gene French   Sign Gene Italian   Sign Gene Georgian   Sign Gene Dutch   Sign Gene Russian  


Emilio Insolera
as Tom Clerc
Carola Insolera
as Kate Massieu
Benjamin Bahan
as Hugh Denison
Hiroshi Vava
as Tatsumi Fuwa
Humberto Insolera
as Jux Clerc


Production Emilio Insolera Executive Producer

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sign gene, deaf superheroes, sign language,

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sign gene, deaf superheroes, sign language,

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