The Crimson Rivers  

Evil rises to new heights.

The Crimson Rivers (2000)

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The Crimson Rivers Movie Overview

Two French policemen, one investigating a grisly murder at a remote mountain college, the other working on the desecration of a young girl's grave by skinheads, are brought together by the clues from their respective cases. Soon after they start working together, more murders are committed, and the pair begin to discover just what dark secrets are behind the killings.

Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Writer: Mathieu Kassovitz

Release Date: 2000-09-26
Status: Released
Run time: 106 min / 1:46
Budget: $2,365,000
Production Company : Gaumont International
Production Country: France
Release Date: 2000-09-26
Status: Released
Run time: 106 min / 1:46
Budget: $2,365,000

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Jean Reno
as Pierre Niemans
Vincent Cassel
as Max Kerkerian
Nadia Farès
as Fanny Ferreira
Dominique Sanda
as Sister Andrée
Karim Belkhadra
as Captain Dahmane
Jean-Pierre Cassel
as Dr. Bernard Chernezé
Didier Flamand
as The Dean
Philippe Nahon
as Homme à la station service
François Levantal
as Pathologist
Laurent Lafitte
as Hubert
Francine Bergé
as La directrice de l'école
Robert Gendreu
as Le gardien du cimetière
Christophe Bernard
as Un skinhead
Nicky Naudé
as Un skinhead
Vincent Tulli
as Computer Technician
Tonio Descanvelle
as Sarzac Policeman #1
Olivier Rousset
as Sarzac Policeman #2
Françoise Loreau
as Nun in Convent
Nicolas Koretzky
as Computer Cop
Dominique Bettenfeld
as Policeman with Theory


Directing Mathieu Kassovitz Director
Writing Mathieu Kassovitz Screenplay
Writing Jean-Christophe Grangé Writer
Sound Bruno Coulais Music
Crew Thierry Arbogast Cinematography
Art Thierry Flamand Production Design
Production Alain Goldman Producer
Editing Maryline Monthieux Editor
Sound Vincent Tulli Sound Designer
Sound Cyril Holtz Sound Designer

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Evil rises to new heights.

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Evil rises to new heights.

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  • The movie does an excellent work in setting the atmosphere, ambience, and the tone of The Crimson Rivers. I rate these qualities over the story. Watch it. I believe you will experience what I feel. I could relate to the coldness, eccentricity, foreigness, suspense, and many dark emotions that the movie expresses. I like the story too.

  • His new thriller "The Crimson Rivers" is a breathtaking exercise in the macabre, a gruesome thriller with quirky cops and a killer of Lecterian complexity, and even when the movie is perfect nonsense, it's so voluptuous that you're grateful to be watching it anyway.

  • Summary: An action thriller set in against the breathtaking backdrop of the French Alps, The Crimson Rivers stars Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel in a gripping who-dunnit involving a series of grisly murders, a child's death twenty years earlier, and the secret history of a small town.

  • The Crimson Rivers (Les Rivieres Pourpres) Review By Rob Blackwelder If the play-by-their-own-rules cops in "The Crimson River" weren't speaking French and driving those little tin can police cars, it would be hard to distinguish this murder-mutilation psycho thriller from a Hollywood production starring, say, Morgan Freeman.

  • "The Crimson Rivers" is being marketed as "Seven" meets "The Silence of the Lambs," but plays like "The Boys From Brazil" meets "Cliffhanger." Full Review ...

  • Judging from comments strewn across the web, I'm not alone in my bafflement over The Crimson Rivers' subtext and meaning of its ending. It begins with two apparently disparate crimes, the neo-Nazi desecration of a dead girl's mausoleum and...

  • Review: THE CRIMSON RIVERS is a French thriller in the same vein as SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, or at least it tries to be. Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel star as two resourceful detectives following different paths as they investigate a bizarre series of murders in a small French village.

  • Critic Reviews for The Crimson Rivers All Critics (53) | Top Critics (17) | Fresh (36) | Rotten (17) | DVD (7) This is a French film desperate to please an American audience.

  • While not as remarkable an effort as the gritty "La Haine" (which won "Best Director" at Cannes and "Best Film" at the Caesar awards), "The Crimson Rivers" is a scary and well-done thriller. The DVD VIDEO: Columbia/Tristar presents "The Crimson Rivers" in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen on this edition.

  • The Crimson Rivers comes from the smart end of town, a giant brasserie full of stainless steel and trendy chatter. Call it the French Se7en, with deliberate homages to David Fincher strewn liberally throughout.