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Searching for Bobby D (2005)

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Director: Paul Borghese

Release Date: 2005-05-14
Status: Released
Release Date: 2005-05-14
Status: Released

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William DeMeo
as Johnny Argano
Matthew Ziff
as Matty
Paul Cicero
as Louie
Jack Bank
as Piscopo
Tyson Beckford
as Jerome
Sandra Bernhard
as Sherri Dansen
John Bianco
as Vinny
Jaid Barrymore
as Acting Coach
Louis Vanaria
as Leo
Eve Blangiardo
as Samantha
Paul Borghese
as Marty the Director
Lillo Brancato
as Bobby
Carmen Electra
as Rebecca
Michael Buscemi
as Petie
Mario Cantone
as Casting Director
Brooke Engen
as Candy
Tiffany Engen
as Mandy
Elizabeth Hendrickson
as Denise


Directing Paul Borghese Director
Writing Paul Borghese Writer
Writing William DeMeo Writer

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  • Not everything in Searching for Bobby D is bad though and at parts it can be quite charming. The thing that hurt the experience for me was a combination of poorly scripted scenes, a lack of chemistry between the cast, and amateur acting.

  • Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Searching for Bobby D at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

  • Searching for Bobby D is a comedy about four New Yorkers, the film's star Johnny Argano, Tommy, Mike, and the only non-Italian in the group Jerome who are all stuck getting the worst parts as New York actors.

  • I cannot believe this movie ever got made, let alone got into video distribution. I am tired of going to the video store and reading nothing short of b.s. and lies on the back of the covers. This is one of the most lame-brained, ultra-formulaic, New York Italian drone movies I have ever seen. I ...

  • There are no featured audience reviews yet. Click the link below to see what others say about Searching for Bobby DeNiro!

  • Searching for Bobby D (2005) Tired of being type-cast, an Italian-American actor/screenwriter (William DeMeo) and his friends look for financing to produce their own film.

  • Parents need to know that Searching for Bobby Fischer is a 1993 movie about the early years of chess prodigy Joshua Waitzkin. It's based on a book written by Waitzkin's father. Around the chess tables of a city park, a young boy sees a drug deal, joint smoking, drinking, and cigarette smoking.

  • "Searching for Bobby Fischer" is a great family movie with very pure and child-like goals; with Hollywood ridden with gritty, gory, and sex orientated themes and images, "Searching for Bobby ...

  • Searching for Bobby D Synopsis: Johnny Argano, a young Italian-American actor born and raised in Brooklyn, NY is frustrated with his lackluster career and with how he and his actor friends are frequently typecast.

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