Three Wise Women  

Just when she needed a miracle, two appeared.

Three Wise Women (2010)

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After a young girl witnesses her father having an affair, she declares she will never love anybody ever again. As a result, her guardian angel is forced to abandon her. Later, when she grows to be a miserable woman, her angel is given a second chance to save her from a life of sadness. To accomplish his goal, he travels through time to recruit the woman's past and future selves to help her reconcile with her father and change her direction in life.

Director: Declan Recks

Release Date: 2010-12-14
Status: Released
Release Date: 2010-12-14
Status: Released

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Directing Declan Recks Director
Writing Abby Ajayi Writer
Writing Cecelia Ahern Writer
Sound Stephen McKeon Original Music Composer
Crew Ciarán Tanham Cinematography

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Just when she needed a miracle, two appeared.

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Just when she needed a miracle, two appeared.

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