Stories of Lost Souls  

What defies Expectations leads to the Unpredictable

Stories of Lost Souls (2004)

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Stories of Lost Souls Movie Overview

Seven (or six - depending on the version) short stories of conquest, desperation and the will to overcome.

Directors: Illeana Douglas, Deborra-Lee Furness, William Garcia, Paul Holmes, Mark Palansky, Col Spector, Toa Stappard, Andrew Upton.

Release Date: 2004-11-12
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Release Date: 2004-11-12
Status: Released
Run time: 90 min / 1:30

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Josh Hartnett
as The Neighbor
Jason Acuña
as The Little Man
Jacqui Maxwell
as The Beautiful Girl
Hugh Jackman
as Roger
Michael Gambon
as Larry
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Maria
Andy Serkis
as Granny / Rastafarian / Hunter Jackson
Joanna Lumley
as Last in Line
William Ash
as Simon
Sophie Dahl
as Veronica
Nicholas Audsley
as Larry's Son
Maureen Lipman
as Larry's Wife
Lyndsey Marshal
as Simon's Girlfriend
Imogen Stubbs
as Friend in Crowd
Cate Blanchett
as Julie-Anne
Lynette Curran
as Mother
Keira Knightley
as Leah
Philip Herbert
as Paul
Stephen Mangan
as David
Naomi Allisstone
as Hanna
Amit Lahav
as Matt
Valerie Farr
as Jane
Bohdan Poraj
as Michael
Elizabeth Chadwick
as Helen
Paul Bettany
as Y
Charlie Condou
as X
Tilly Blackwood
as Call Girl
Louise Delamere
as Woman
Nabil Elouahabi
as Barman
James Gandolfini
as Vincent
Kathrine Narducci
as Carol
Ned Eisenberg
as Jimmy
Delilah Cotto
as Angela
Daryl Hannah
as Herself
Jeff Goldblum
as Himself
Sarah Silverman
as Herself
Illeana Douglas
as Herself
Michael Panes
as The Fan
Billy Boyd
as The Gunner
Eliza Langland
as The Mother
Carmen Pierquaccini
as The Intruder


Directing Illeana Douglas Director
Directing Deborra-Lee Furness Director
Directing William Garcia Director
Directing Paul Holmes Director
Directing Mark Palansky Director
Directing Col Spector Director
Directing Toa Stappard Director
Directing Andrew Upton Director

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What defies Expectations leads to the Unpredictable

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What defies Expectations leads to the Unpredictable

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