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Hunter Killer (2018)

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Dans les profondeurs de l’Océan Arctique, le capitaine de sous-marin américain Joe Glass est à la recherche d’un équipage en détresse lorsqu’il découvre un complot en vue d’un coup d’état russe, menaçant du même coup l’ordre mondial. Avec un équipage et tout un pays en danger, le Capitaine Glass doit maintenant faire appel à une équipe d’élite de Navy SEAL afin de secourir le Président Russe et naviguer en eaux ennemies pour éviter une Guerre Mondiale.

Directeur: Donovan Marsh
écrivains: Jamie Moss, Arne Schmidt.

Date de sortie: 2018-10-19
Statut: Released
Durée: 122 min / 2:2
Sociétés de Production : Original Film, G-BASE, Millennium Films, Hunter Killer Productions, Hishow Entertainment, SprocketHeads, Tucker Tooley Entertainment, Relativity Media, Summit Premiere
Pays de production: China, United Kingdom, United States of America
Date de sortie: 2018-10-19
Statut: Released
Durée: 122 min / 2:2

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Gerard Butler
as Captain Joe Glass
Gary Oldman
as CJCS Charles Donnegan
Toby Stephens
as Bill Beaman
as RA John Fisk
Michael Nyqvist
as Captain Andropov
Linda Cardellini
as Jane Norquist
David Gyasi
as Cob Wallach
Gabriel Chavarria
as Jimenez
Ryan McPartlin
as Matt Johnstone
Carter MacIntyre
as XO Brian Edwards
Zane Holtz
as Paul Martinelli
Taylor John Smith
as Belford
Michael Trucco
as Devin Hall
Mikhail Gorevoy
as Admiral Dmitri Durov
Aleksandr Dyachenko
as President Zakarin
Igor Jijikine
as Tretiak
Yuri Kolokolnikov
as Oleg
Ilia Volok
as Captain Vlade Sutrev
Caroline Goodall
as President Dover
Corey Johnson
as Captain
Adam James
as Captain Forbes
Will Attenborough
as Kaplan
Sarah Middleton
as Liddy
Christopher Goh
as Park
Shane Taylor
as TMC Turner
Henry Goodman
as Senator from Illinois
Colin Stinton
as Senator from Iowa


Directing Donovan Marsh Director
Writing George Wallace Novel
Writing Don Keith Novel
Writing Jamie Moss Screenplay
Writing Arne Schmidt Screenplay
Directing Ben Burt Assistant Director
Directing Oana Ene Assistant Director
Production Gerard Butler Producer
Production Mark Gill Producer
Production Toby Jaffe Producer
Production Neal H. Moritz Producer
Production Matthew O'Toole Producer
Production Alan Siegel Producer
Production John Thompson Producer
Production Tucker Tooley Producer
Production Les Weldon Producer
Sound Trevor Morris Original Music Composer
Camera Tom Marais Director of Photography
Editing Michael J. Duthie Editor
Art Jon Henson Production Design
Art James H. Spencer Production Design
Sound Luke Gentry Sound Designer
Sound Dominic Gibbs Sound Editor
Sound Vladimir Kaloyanov Sound Mixer
Sound Kiril Kaloyanov Sound Mixer

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  • Hunter Killer spends most of its time flitting between the three American groups, giving only a cursory glance toward the Russians, who are mostly shorthanded as evil thanks to Gorevoy’s scarred ...

  • Butler’s performance—or lack thereof—keeps “Hunter Killer” from breaking any ground in the field of war movies. It’s also an odd time to release a movie that embraces collaborating with the Russians and painting bad and good guys with such broad strokes.

  • Hunter Killer movie reviews & Metacritic score: Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is on the hunt for a U.S. s...

  • Critics Consensus: Much like the submarine in its story, Hunter Killer cruises the murky action depths, following a perfunctory course into territory that's been charted many times before.

  • HUNTER KILLER is a movie made with a huge budget and high production value, based on a poorly written script with overly dramatic lines that come off as cheesy and almost comical. The intense action scenes are all that the movie offers to keep viewers invested in the storyline.

  • Hunter Killer (2018) is US version of Battleship Potemkin in its sheer appearing, however it still remains as pro capitalist establishment one, it does not engage in class war, and not in class war situation like the best Russian film master piece Battleship Potemkin (1925).

  • Hunter Killer Rating & Content Info Why is Hunter Killer rated R? Hunter Killer is rated R by the MPAA for violence and some language . Violence: Multiple individuals are shot, including blood spraying from the wound. Several individuals are executed and dumped in the sea. A man is killed when a door explodes into him.

  • “Hunter Killer,” which is named for its lead submarine, is about an underwater face-off between the U.S. and Russia, but the plot hinges on an attempted coup.

  • Gerard Butler plays the commander of a U.S. submarine attempting to rescue a Russian president in 'Hunter Killer,' a military thriller also featuring Gary Oldman and Common.