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Scream 2 (1997)

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Scream 2 Movie Overview

Phil Stevens et sa copine Maureen Evans sortent ensemble voir en avant-première le film "Stab", inspirée de la tuerie de la ville de Woodsboro l'année précédente. Le public porte d'ailleurs en grande partie le costume du tueur. Mais parmi les fans déchaînés se cachent un nouvel assassin, qui poignarde devant toute l'audience la pauvre Maureen...Sidney Prescott, une des réelles survivantes du premier massacre, s'est inscrit à la fac de Windsor où elle apprend l'art dramatique, avec son ami Randy. Mais avec ce nouveau fait divers, la jeune femme prend peur et ne peut à nouveau plus faire confiance en personne. Surtout qu'un meurtre intervient dans l'enceinte même du campus : la jeune Casey Cooper a été défenestré après avoir subi deux coups de couteau. Pour Sidney, ça ne fait aucun doute : le cauchemar recommence. Mais qui peut donc s'acharner à vouloir sa mort ? Et pourquoi ?

Directeur: Wes Craven
écrivain: Kevin Williamson

Date de sortie: 1997-12-09
Statut: Released
Durée: 120 min / 2:0
Le budget: $24,000,000
Revenu: $172,363,301
Sociétés de Production : Miramax, Konrad Pictures, Maven Entertainment, Dimension Films
Pays producteur: United States of America
Date de sortie: 1997-12-09
Statut: Released
Durée: 120 min / 2:0
Le budget: $24,000,000
Revenu: $172,363,301

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Neve Campbell
as Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox
as Gale Weathers
Jerry O'Connell
as Derek
David Arquette
as Dewey Riley
Timothy Olyphant
as Mickey
Laurie Metcalf
as Debbie Salt
Sarah Michelle Gellar
as Cici Cooper
Jamie Kennedy
as Randy Meeks
Elise Neal
as Hallie
Jada Pinkett Smith
as Maureen Evans
Liev Schreiber
as Cotton Weary
Lewis Arquette
as Chief Hartley
Duane Martin
as Joel
Rebecca Gayheart
as Lois
Portia de Rossi
as Murphy
Heather Graham
as 'Stab' Casey
Roger L. Jackson
as Phone Voice (voice)
Joshua Jackson
as Film Class Guy #1
Marisol Nichols
as Dawnie
Tori Spelling
as Herself/'Stab' Sidney
Luke Wilson
as 'Stab' Billy
David Warner
as Gus Gold
Omar Epps
as Phil Stevens
Selma Blair
as Cici's Friend on Phone
Paulette Patterson
as Usher Giving Out Costumes
Rasila Schroeder
as Screaming Girl Up Aisle
Peter Deming
as Popcorn Boy
Molly Gross
as Theater Girl #1
Rebecca McFarland
as Theater Girl #2
Kevin Williamson
as Cotton's Interviewer
Sandy Heddings
as Girl in Dorm Hallway
Dave Allen Clark
as Reporter Outside Theater
Joe Washington
as Reporter #1
Angie Dillard
as Reporter #2
John Patrick
as Reporter #3
Craig Shoemaker
as Artsy Teacher
Walter Franks
as Film Class Guy #2
Nina Petronzio
as Film Class Mopey Girl
Stephanie Belt
as Reporter #4
Richard Bruce Doughty
as Reporter #5
Cornelia Kiss
as Coroner at Cici's House
Lucy Lin
as ER Doctor
Philip Pavel
as Officer Andrews
Tim Hillman
as Captain Down
Nancy O'Dell
as Tori's Interviewer
Greg Meiss
as Zeus
Adam Shankman
as Ghost Dancer
Kris Andersson
as Dancer
Carmen M. Chavez
as Dancer
Anne Fletcher
as Dancer
Erik Hyler
as Dancer
Sebastian La Cause
as Dancer
Lance MacDonald
as Dancer
Laurie Sposit
as Dancer
Ryan Lee Swanson
as Dancer
Jack Baun
as Tackled Cell Phoner
Christopher Doyle
as Officer Richards
Jason Horgan
as Fraternity Brother #1
Daniel K. Arredondo
as Fraternity Brother #2
John Embry
as Fraternity Brother #3
Jennifer Weston
as Reporter #7
Shelly Benedict
as Reporter #8
Franco Castan
as Student
Carrie Collins
as College Student
Wes Craven
as Doctor
Tom Hand
as Movie Goer
Teretha G. Houston
as Student
Gwenne Hudson
as Sorority Sister
Rodney L. James
as Photographer
Matthew Lillard
as Guy at Party
Lynn McRee
as Maureen Roberts Prescott
Deadra Moore
as College Professor
Corey Mendell Parker
as Library Guy
Jason Trost
as Audience Member
Sarah Christine Smith
as Dancer


Art Bob Ziembicki Production Design
Costume & Make-Up Keith G. Lewis Set Costumer
Costume & Make-Up Robyn Williams Set Costumer
Costume & Make-Up Amanda Zenil Set Costumer
Directing Ronit Ravich-Boss Script Supervisor
Directing Wes Craven Director
Writing Kevin Williamson Characters
Writing Kevin Williamson Screenplay
Production Cathy Konrad Producer
Production Marianne Maddalena Producer
Sound Marco Beltrami Original Music Composer
Camera Peter Deming Director of Photography
Editing Patrick Lussier Editor
Production Lisa Beach Casting
Art Ted Berner Art Direction
Art Bob Kensinger Set Decoration
Costume & Make-Up Kathleen Detoro Costume Design
Crew Ron Trost Special Effects Coordinator
Art Aimee Rousey Art Department Coordinator
Costume & Make-Up Dugg Kirkpatrick Hair Department Head
Costume & Make-Up Louisa V. Anthony Key Hair Stylist
Costume & Make-Up Richard Marin Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up Carol Schwartz Makeup Department Head
Costume & Make-Up Jane Galli Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Beth Katz Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Judy Murdock Makeup Artist
Production Bob Weinstein Producer
Production Harvey Weinstein Producer

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  • Critics Consensus: As with the first film, Scream 2 is a gleeful takedown of scary movie conventions that manages to poke fun at terrible horror sequels without falling victim to the same fate.

  • Wes Craven's “Scream” (1996) was a revolutionary film, the first horror movie in which the characters had seen other horror movies, knew all the cliches, and tried not to make the obvious mistakes. Now comes “Scream 2,” in which the characters have seen a movie based on the first killings, and are trapped once again in a slasher nightmare.

  • Scream 2 is a slice-and-dice movie for those who don't take their horror too seriously. As stipulated by one of the "rules of sequels" uttered by a movie-obsessed character in the film, the body count in Scream 2 is higher than that in the original.

  • SCREAM 2, a hastily produced sequel that was able to duplicate the original’s box office but not its legacy, ends up falling victim to a thematic flaw that permeates throughout all the subsequent films in the franchise: the formula only works once.

  • SCREAM 2 starts with the stabbing deaths of a couple (Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett-Smith) in a theater by an assailant wearing the same black robe and mask from the first movie. Meanwhile, Scream survivor Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is in college.

  • A week after the ending of The 31 Days of October, I finally begin to review the Scream sequels. Today is Scream 2, the third highest grossing slasher film ever!

  • Please describe the audio and video quality of any Blu-Ray you review. Thanks to those who do this. I am writing the same review for Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 3.

  • Scream Queen Campbell shakes the trauma of the first movie and goes to college, only to be followed by the masked slasher who now has a whole new social circle to terrorise. Early in Scream 2, a ...

  • "Scream 2" is the second movie of the Scream series and in this one we are two years after the events of the first movie and a new psychopath wears the Ghostface costume and a new series of murders begin.

  • Scream 3 (2000) Review. next article. Scherzo Diabolico (2015) Review. ... “Scream 2″does a great job of making you scared and laugh at the same time. Wes Craven also does a great job in this movie of making you feel like the events in this movie could happen to you just as it happens to Sidney.