Wings: Sky Force Heroes  

Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014)

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Direttori: Mychal Simka, Tony Tang.

Data di uscita: 2014-07-08
Stato: Released
Tempo di esecuzione: 84 min / 1:24
Data di uscita: 2014-07-08
Stato: Released
Tempo di esecuzione: 84 min / 1:24

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Josh Duhamel
as Ace (Voice)
Hilary Duff
as Windy (Voice)
Rob Schneider
as Fred (Voice)
Jesse McCartney
as T Bone (Voice)
Tom Skerritt
as Colonel (Voice)
Dallas Lovato
as Lamb Chop (Voice)
Russell Peters
as Junbo, Boss Man (Voice)


Directing Mychal Simka Director
Directing Tony Tang Director

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