SWAT: Warhead One  

SWAT: Warhead One (2004)

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SWAT: Warhead One Movie Overview

დირექტორი: David Huey
მწერალი: Don Magwili

გამოსვლის თარიღი: 2004-02-24
სტატუსი: Released
ხანგრძლივობა: 100 წუთი / 1:40
მწარმოებელი კომპანია : Cine Excel Entertainment
გამოსვლის თარიღი: 2004-02-24
სტატუსი: Released
ხანგრძლივობა: 100 წუთი / 1:40

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Tags: ტრილერიმძაფრსიუჟეტიანისათავგადასავლო swat:warheadone don magwili david huey swat: warhead one 2004   SWAT: Warhead One German   SWAT: Warhead One Spanish   SWAT: Warhead One French   SWAT: Warhead One Italian   SWAT: Warhead One Georgian   SWAT: Warhead One Dutch   SWAT: Warhead One Russian  


Olivier Gruner
as Luc Rémy
Rebecca Ferratti
as Luc's Ex-wife
Gerald Okamura
as Peter Chiang
Mel Novak
as Dick Danvers
Tina Desiree Berg
as Computer (voice)
Ron Hall
Tony Wayne
as SWAT Team Leader
Carmel Wynne Smith
as Wife of Remy's Partner


Directing David Huey Director
Writing Don Magwili Screenplay
Production David Huey Producer
Editing Jamil Nelson Editor
Production Mel Novak Associate Producer

მსგავსი ფილმები

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