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Girl Lost (2018)

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Regiseur: Robin Bain

Releasedatum: 2018-05-01
staat: Released
Speeltijd: 95 min / 1:35
begroting: $1,000,000
productiebedrijf : Leslin Films
productie Landen: United States of America
Releasedatum: 2018-05-01
staat: Released
Speeltijd: 95 min / 1:35
begroting: $1,000,000

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Jessica Taylor Haid
as Shara
Robin Bain
as Kim
Evana Alexeeva
as Alin
Allyson Amber
as Jill
George Capacete
as Sam
Avi Bernard
as Bachelor Party Guest
Nicole I. Butler
as Kristi
Madison Casas
as Lisa
Laura Lee Cebrick
as Jane


Directing Robin Bain Director
Writing Robin Bain Writer

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  • Critic Reviews for Girls Lost (Pojkarna) ... Girls Lost fills the magical realism, gender dysphoria, Swedish indie teen drama-shaped hole in your life. ... Tuva Jagell, who plays Kim as a girl at ...

  • Girl Lost is an exposé on exploitation that is the waste product of the entertainment industry. To acknowledge this is to speak truth to the creative, the vulnerable, the young and the beautiful and to say that those qualities are the sacrificial fodder that is turned into ash in order to feed the beast of art.

  • Metacritic TV Reviews, Lost Girl, Bo (Anna Silk) learns she is not human but Fae-kind, specifically a succubus. With the knowledge, she is given a choice to join the light...

  • "Little Girl Lost" consists two narratives: Drew's own voice written (or probably recorded) in the first-person narrative, and contributor Todd Golds's third-person commentary explaining the background of her life, which includes comments by people around her including Jaid, Drew's mother.

  • Girls Lost review – a pointed, complicated trans identity parable 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. Three schoolgirls are magically turned into boys in this ambiguous Swedish teen fantasy, which ...

  • Girls Lost Review. By ... They wake back as girls the next day, but Kim realizes that she feels more natural as a boy than a girl. The stage is then set for a spiral of addiction, Kim falling in ...

  • Critics Consensus: Strong storytelling and intriguing characters help make Lost Girl a better-than-average supernatural/sci-fi series, even if the special effects leave something to be desired.

  • Swedish writer-director Alexandra-Therese Keining's captivating Girls Lost is a teen body-swap scenario with a supernatural twist that navigates a skillful path through humor and revenge fantasy ...

  • The Girl You Lost starts with a couple, Simone and M-something, who have a six months old baby. They're really young and complaini * ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thanks again *

  • The '80s body-transfer movie is apparently alive and well in Sweden, or at least in "Girls Lost," a modest teenage fantasy in which three girls get a shot at being boys after drinking the sap of a ...